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At Fireboi Entertainment, our top priority is making sure everything we produce starts out strong and ends with a product we can be proud of. Fireboi’s main thrust is developing our own in-house content and providing our clients with top-notch professional services which include:

Story - Concept Art - Story boards - Animated Storyboards - Pitch Decks - Trailers -
Vector & Traditional Animation - Pre / Post Production

We are a small, yet powerful force of professional creatives who are always "hands-on" from the concept stage to the birthing of well-developed content, which can include: Feature Films, TV Shows, Animation and Video Game Development. All successful development starts with an idea and requires having a solid team and established pipeline in order to bring all ideas to life.

Brian Fire

CEO / Executive Producer

Brian Frank

Brian Fire founded Fireboi Entertainment LLC in 2015. When it comes to entertainment, he has worked on Feature Films and TV shows as a Writer and Visual FX artist. As a Visual FX artist he has worked on Features, which include: All About Steve, G-Force, Defiance and over 50 commercials. He started off with programs like After Effects and Digital Fusion in the early 2000’s and his writing credits span just over 25 years. In that time, he has written screenplays for Film, TV, Commercials and Video Games.

Our Vision

Striving at Being The Best

Our Vision

Fireboi Entertainment was created after seeing the growing need for original content in an ever changing and complicated entertainment landscape. With a sturdy team of entertainment veterans and professionals, we set out to create Feature Films, Tv Shows, Animation and Video Games. The goal is to develop and output high quality product on a scale that in the past, was not realizable with a boutique facility, implementing a flexible pipeline that can keep adapting to the changing project needs. “Sky's the Limit”

Mike Kelly

VP / Head of Production

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly produced his first showreel which consisted of Bruce Lee performing several kicks and was impressive enough to land him spot on “Bruce Lee, the Animated Movie” produced by Kent International Films Ltd. After spending several months in Taiwan working on this movie, Mike returned to Los Angeles where he continued his studies in animation at the Screen Cartoonist Union located in North Hollywood, California.

Leonardo Sanchez

Art Director

Leonardo Sanchez

Leonardo Sanchez has been responsible for coming-up with creative solutions for over 30 years. His ideas have never suffered innovative inspiration and have always encouraged a return call for service, as well as a referral for future design needs. His creative achievements started as early as the third grade (where he won his first coloring contest) and he continues to strive to be inspirational and a creative leader and problem solving "solutionist"

Alan Caldwell

Storyboard Artist

Alan Caldwell

Alan Caldwell Is an award winning Director and Storyboard Artist. His stellar entertainment career has spanned over 24 years and in that time his work has shined on shows like: Marvel Rising, Ultimate Spider Man, Ben 10, The Boondocks and many more animated shows. His signature style for animating storyboards quickly caught the eyes of top Production companies - Sony, The WB, Disney and Hasbro. Currently, he has joined the Fireboi team and is deep in development on hot new titles!

An Animated Series

Kill Clarence Moss

A Street Hustler and Self-Trained Martial Artist Crosses Paths with a Dying Secret Agent

Kill Clarence Moss

The Fundamentals

Built on the idea that an animated Kung Fu / Spy series can have: all the visual bells and whistles, great voice talent, great directing, ground breaking music, believable characters, excellent fight sequences, fantastic animation and explore real world issues without losing momentum or dramatic tension, comedy or excitement.

Clarence Moss

Delivering an intense visual experience to our audience, as we introduce our main character to one life-threatening incident after another. The goal is to create a mountain sized hill for Clarence to have to climb each season…with limited resources and all the while we get to know him inside and out. The reluctant hero tale is not new but we intend to put a spin on it never done before…thus spinning the top right off! The fight sequences are top notch and will have the audience on the edge of their seats, as the humor will keep them chuckling and off balance each week. This ridiculously fun and abusive ride will cause our audience to come back every week asking for more, which is exactly the response we will thrive in!

The Show

An Original TV Series

A street hustler /self-trained martial artist accidentally answers and crosses paths with a dying secret agent. The unemployed quickly finds himself hurled into the undercover world of international espionage, car chases, globe trotting, dangerous killers and fine ass ladies. He is also catapulted into the number one P4P secret agent position. This prestigious status alone is one to die for and now everyone wants to be the one to Kill Clarence Moss!


Yes, the cool as ice cream – tight tailored suit and form fitting pant-wearing sixties. Clarence Moss, a specialist in sweet talking 101, a man with a cornucopia of clever dialogue and self taught Kung Fu fighting machine, finds himself going through the classifieds when suddenly…opportunity knocks! The employer? Frank Horner, the legend, super agent extraordinaire, P4P #1 in the spy game. Frank is employed by the USELESS agency and has been undercover for months. In his possession is a device so important that all agents on the open market have responded to a bounty on his head.

One Dark Night


One Night on a Dark Stretch of Road, The Nightmare Begins


Alabama 1969

A dark stretch of road stands before us that appears to run on forever off in the distance. The only source of light is the moon brushing over a vast canopy of tree tops and the lone head lights of a 2 door sedan thundering down the highway. pull over

The interior of the car is quickly flooded with hard light from behind. A police siren howls at them! Branden’s smile is quickly washed over by a frozen expression filled with great concern. He slowly pulls the vehicle to the side of the road.

Both young men nervously watch and anxiously wait for the officer to make his way to the driver side window.

A large bulky frame, exits the police car and slowly pads toward the driver side window. Across from him, a second officer exits and posts himself to the rear of the opposite side of the vehicle.


The second officer stands in the ready position and is bathed in shadow. Everyone is silent except for the rhythmic music coming from the radio. The officer halts in front of Branden’s window for a long moment. Branden, a few steps beyond nervous, looks across at his friend Travis and then back at the officer’s chest.

Turn off that Got damned radio! Branden, stunned momentarily, quickly clicks off the radio and looks to Travis again. Both visually confirm with one another, that they are in a real hot shit. (tbc)

Tale of the Seven

Ninja Rain

Individuals Searching for a Power That Can Change the Light Into Permanent Darkness

Ninja Rain

Tale of the Seven

The Overview - Two retired warriors, Aiko Hayashi and Hachiro Tanahashi, arrive in Mokami village…. both running from their past lives and in need of employment so they can do what they do best…get drunk! To make matters more interesting, both men come from lives that make them sworn enemies. Aiko, a once well-respected Samurai for the Emperor Shidoku, found himself sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. No honorable Samurai can shed the stain of treason. Instead of facing his accusers, he chose to self-exile himself. Hachiro, an elite Ninja with the Usagi Clan, fell in love with a fellow assassin. His relationship with her cost him his position in his clan and almost his life. He is still on the run from his former brethren. Both men, when drinking put their differences aside and fight side by side like true brothers. Still coping and drowning in the depths of their losses, both men decide to make a pack. They make a pack to drink themselves to death. The problem, liquid spirits cost coin.

Ninja Rain

Tale of the Seven

The Opportunity - A group of hired mercenaries decide to have a few drinks while on their mission. As the Saki begins to pour, their tongues loosen. Aiko and Hachiro, over hear the mercenaries joking about killing those they were hired to escort and taking the treasure for themselves. After a very brief discussion, they decide to rob the mercenaries - after they steal the treasure! Their idea was great, till they found themselves outnumbered and fighting mercenaries who were far more skilled than they looked. The drunkards had not used their weapons in many moons…but were determined. After almost losing their lives, they defeat the mercenaries and make off with a wagon and a few horses. Both men now filled with adrenaline, race to a remote location so they can quickly split the treasure and make tracks. To their surprise, after breaking into the caravan, they only found an odd looking goat, some alcohol and a tall wooden case.

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